Supreme Court blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for U.S. workers, allows mandate for healthcare workers

Real America’s Voice:

The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate that would apply to large U.S. businesses. 

However, the high court allowed a separate policy to take effect that requires vaccinations for most healthcare workers at facilities that receive Medicaid and Medicare funding. 

The court’s majority was doubtful that the administration possesses the legal authority to impose the workplace vaccine mandate through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which would have affected about 80 million employees. The healthcare worker mandate accounts for about 17 million U.S. workers.  more

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  1. They kept the health care mandate and justified it with a convoluted interpretation of “first do no harm”. Supposedly to protect patients from infected health care workers while being cared for. What a crock of shit!

  2. I wonder how hospitals will staff in the future when all their employees have no immune system and they become the patients that will over burden the health care system.

  3. I suppose the supremes are so proud of themselves for this bit of Solomonian wisdom. Schmucks. Trying to have it both ways. The f***ing mandate is unconstitutional, no matter. So now the precedent has been set; their (our) money, their rules.

  4. “… facilities that receive Medicaid and Medicare funding.”
    Unless you have your own private practice and specifically EXCLUDE Medicare/Medicaid patients, that covers 99% of all medical providers; doctors, nurses, PAs, clinics, hospitals, you name it. Shows the pervasiveness of Big Gooberment.

  5. “The court’s majority was doubtful that the administration possesses the legal authority to impose the workplace vaccine mandate through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration…”

    Guaranteed they’re searching right now for a federal agency through which they WILl be able to impose the workplace mandate.

  6. Meanwhile the hospitals are telling the vaccinated sick workers to go back to work since they are short staffed while unvaccinated healthy workers can’t work.

  7. “first do no harm”.

    That’s not in me.

    You’d think Supreme Court Justices would know that.

    But you’d be wrong.

  8. So if your employer accepts federal payments, your Constitutional rights are eliminated. Thanks Roberts and Kavanaugh

  9. These poor healthcare workers took extremely high health risks early on during this fiasco when it was unclear how serious this was. They went to work, cared for the sick, watched people die on those dreaded machines and then some quarantined from their families for months to protect them.
    And now they get this.
    Absolutely disgusting. We all know Roberts is a worm. What was Kavanaugh thinking?

  10. “…the justices heard nearly four hours of oral arguments on both policies…”
    That’s all? As serious as this was for our nation?

  11. @Jethro – “…We all know Roberts is a worm. What was Kavanaugh thinking?…”

    Kavanaugh has previously shown himself to be a worm in sheep’s clothing.

  12. It was 6-3.
    I reeeeaaallly want to see the dissenting opinion, want to be sure that everyone understands what the Leftist justices consider to be Constitutional law.
    Also, if Trump had proposed this the vote would likely have been 9-0, and certainly the 3 Leftist justices would have voted against.
    Consistency is all I ask…

  13. Fire the healthcare workers then back fill the positions with National Guard. That is the Democrat Party n a nutshell.

  14. @ Left Coast Dan JANUARY 13, 2022 AT 5:56 PM

    That is a pretty big ask. When dealing with Democrats you are basically dealing with perpetual children and expecting consistency is opening yourself up for disappointment.

  15. In my opinion the whole argument against the mandate – that OSHA did not have the authority to enforce the mandate – was the WRONG strategy. The mandate itself – irrespective of what governmental agency enforces it – is unconstitutional.

    Nip it in the bud NOW, so we don’t have to keep challenging the never ending alternative ways that the totalitarian ruling class will continue attempting to control our health and life.

  16. All you need to know to know with near 100% certainty that Roberts is compromised is the ease with which he sailed through confirmation.

  17. @stirrin – I believe it was 5th Circuit Court that originally put a stay on the OSHA thing, and explicitly stated that even if Congress passed a similar law it would still be unconstitutional. I didn’t read through the opinion but it would be nice if it had also stated that.

  18. I know of many doctors and even some clinics that refuse medicaid and medicare, they have since Obamacare passed. Look for more to do so, if private hospitals start doing so as well, it only hurts poor people and old people.

  19. The federal mandate not addressed today still stands. The easy work around for OSHA is just to make sure businesses that get federal
    funds or have government contracts have to mandate. And how many companies get federal money. This is far from over.

  20. Since these damn justices didn’t really look at the Constitution or they wouldn’t have ruled healthcare workers can be forced to get it or lose their job, they should be forced to watch actual doctors discussing the jabs.
    I would like to see doctors like these and professors they mentioned be able to have an open discussion with doctors who push them and say they’re safe and also bring in the government idiots.…whats-really-in-the-damn-vaccines.html

  21. Scumbaggery of the highest water. I wonder how much Cox, and Mercy, and the rest of those scumbag institutions paid off the SCOTUS for this. Scumbags, all!

  22. “The ‘fee’ we rule ‘not a tax’ in the previous paragraph, is ruled a ‘tax’ not a ‘fee’ in this paragraph. And, further, rule that no ruling has been made in all future paragraphs. Because” (cue the chanting monks) “pre-e-e-e-cedent.”

    (subject to change, without notice)

  23. The statements and questions by some of the supremes about this issue show a complete lack of knowledge about anything including the LAW!!!

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