Supreme Court hands Trump win, refuses to stop border wall construction


The Supreme Court handed President Trump another victory on his signature immigration agenda Friday, refusing by a 5-4 vote to temporarily block construction of a wall at the southern border with Mexico.

Groups like the Sierra Club and the American Civil Liberties Union had asked the court for a temporary stoppage of construction while they argue their case that the administration illegally transferred $2.5 billion in funding to the project from the Pentagon. But led by its conservative bloc, the high court refused the request.

The four liberal justices dissented, suggesting construction could be far advanced before the legal issues were settled. In all, the Trump administration has completed about 240 miles of wall construction and reconstruction. In the latest phase, about 92 miles of a 129-mile section of wall the administration is seeking to build as a replacement for fencing is already complete as Trump rushes to complete one of his signature campaign promises from 2016. more

5 Comments on Supreme Court hands Trump win, refuses to stop border wall construction

  1. It’s sad that I was fully expecting Roberts to join in the dissent. That’s how much I don’t trust him.

  2. So they gave RBG a tune up, changed her fluids, put on a new set of tires, and she still got a Bubba Wallace result.

    Time for Trump to hire a new driver AGAIN!

  3. Anyone who has ever seen images of the huge amounts of discarded trash that illegal aliens leave in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico would think that the Sierra Club would be a big supporter of an effective barrier to prevent the trashing of America. Millions of plastic water bottles and diapers and clothing aren’t doing much to improve the environment. Finish building the damned wall! Reclaim America!

  4. Like a watermelon, the Sierra Club is green, on the outside, for show; it’s as red on the inside as Lenin’s heart.
    Conservation is just a word they use.

  5. Many years ago, A friend of mine belonged to the Sierra club. I challenged him on the Sierra Club’s statement that the U.S. has X% of the worlds population, but consumes Y% of the world’s resources. If that is the case, then adding more Americans (via immigration) would worsen a condition they claim is an environmental disaster, and therefore, the Sierra Club should be leading the charge against immigration, legal and illegal.

    He had no response.


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