Supreme Court orders restructuring of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Court rules the agency’s structure was unconstitutional because its director held too much unchecked power.

FOX: WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday ordered changes to a government consumer-finance watchdog created in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, ruling the agency’s structure was unconstitutional because its director held too much-unchecked power.

The court in a 5-4 ruling said Congress overstepped constitutional lines in 2010 when it created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and placed it under the control of a single director who was insulated from the White House’s political direction. Lawmakers, attempting to give the bureau a buffer from political influence, said the director could only be removed by the president for “inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office.”

But the court, in an opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts, said the setup meant the CFPB’s director was unaccountable to the executive branch, creating an unconstitutional diminishment of presidential power.

“The CFPB’s single-director structure contravenes this carefully calibrated system by vesting significant governmental power in the hands of a single individual accountable to no one,” the chief justice wrote. MORE

17 Comments on Supreme Court orders restructuring of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  1. It was established on a false narrative.
    Of course, the Supremes can’t rule on that, so they gnaw at the hinges.
    CFPB is another step in the Nationalization of Debt.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Roberts must have got a Yard Pass from his Deep State puppet master.

    Oh wait, I’m not allowed to say the word Master any more. Racism or some such PC bullshit.

    Hey any a y’all remember when more than five years ago I predicted that the PC Leftists would demand the banning of the word Dixie? Well, toldja so! Maybe Fur has a search engine that can pick out the exact date cuz I sure as shit don’t remember. LOL

  3. Pochaontas Warren has smoke signals erupting from her eyes, from her ears, from….wherever.

  4. This agency created a position of almost dictatorial powers which , due to vague mandates, could rival that of the President. Even the language for replacing a Director gave the choice to democrats even if they were not in power since the Director had powers of appointment. It was an agency that was planned to metastasize into a kingship.This was.Warren and the Democrats little effort to control the country forever…it is why Trump sent a strong personality, Mulvaney, into the Treasury building, even that not allowed unless approved by the cfpb, and it was not , to shut it down…he took charge, not allowed under the structure, and it is now over…

  5. Another tangle of democrat federal intrusion. Created to employ another several thousand useless fuck off’s who’ll vote in lockstep with the left.

  6. This seems to be a major win for the people.

    Thank you, President Trump.

    Praying for you, and our country.

  7. “inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office.”
    Well shit… there’s been so much of that going around lately I thot it wuz a democRAT mandate!!

  8. If that one was allowed, the democrats would just create 100s of other agencies they could run without supervision or oversight making their own executive branch stuffed with their flunkies that could never be removed.

  9. The cynic in me says that SCOTUS made the director accountable to the President only because Trump installed Kathy Kraninger, who has pursued a policy of benign neglect at CFPB. It would have been hard for Dotard Joe to oust her if he won. Now, it would be Day One and Done.

    And I am curious about what the other “structural changes” are. Probably more streamlining tweaks to return the agency to its former glory as quickly as possible in the next Democrat Presidency.

  10. If I remember right Elizabeth Warren was the person that designed it and she fully intended to be its director but the dems knew they couldn’t get her installed there so they put in that other crumby communist pig.


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