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Supreme Court Poised To Drop Another Bombshell Ruling


[…] The case takes direct aim at President Biden’s climate agenda and involves the Clean Power Plan. That plan was put in place under former President Barack Obama in his efforts to combat climate change. If the plan had been implemented it would have cost roughly $33 billion per year and reordered the nation’s power grid. Two coal companies and the state of West Virginia sued the EPA alleging the plan was an abuse of power. more

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    86 46!!

  2. What a week.

    Here’s a great comment from Twitter to summarize:

    “Pelosi knocks a Hispanic child, her hubby is charged with DUI, and we discover our @potus was funding Hunter’s Russian escorts. Just another week in the Democrat Party.”

  3. To finally be able to connect SCOTUS decisions to the actual text in the Constitution of The United States is something I never thought I would see again in my lifetime.

  4. Evil makes living so desperately miserable, seems it’s been an eternity for God to break up the left’s wicked party.
    God is in control and the Supreme Court isn’t finished doing His will, whether they know or not.
    Get ready for Christmas from now on through December and a big red ribbon wrapped around a majority conservative lead Congress by November – by the grace of God. Hope we (conservatives) don’t blow it.

  5. Well let’s hope they rule the right way, then maybe we’ll quit having alphabet groups ruling our lives. No more CDC pulling shit out of their ass, no more ATF changing the rules, no more EPA costing consumers billions.

  6. O’Brandon has already openly signaled his defiance to the SCOTUS ruling on abortion. If there was ever a more clear reason to impeach a president, this is it.

  7. AbigailAdams, our Guv and AG in ME have vowed to try to find a work around to the SCOTUS ruling on school choice.
    Dirty Dems eh?

  8. Impeachment has not removed any president from office yet. It’s weak sauce. It’s just the kind of kabuki theater the political class revels in. Bread and circuses!

  9. Will we be allowed to “abort” demtard politicians in them “For the good of the country,” don’tcha know…

  10. I’m not so much concerned about “blowing it “, that’s Commiela’s job.

    I’m concerned the depths these demons will pursue to avoid the midterms. They lie, cheat, and steal every single moment of everyday.

    Pedo blurts out the plan to the entire world. Plague # 2 is cued up and waiting. They will cheat on a massive scale.

    Either that or a national crisis of some sort to stop the vote. I wouldn’t even put it past them to off the Pedo on Nov 1st. They are that desperate.

    It’s going to get real ugly between now and November. These satanic fucks never give up power.

  11. The EPA is a Constitutional abomination.
    The Constitution doesn’t authorize the FedGov to “protect” or control the “environment” (however that is defined).
    And where the Constitution is silent, the thing is not allowed (see the issue of secession, for example).
    The circumscription of the FedGov is clear for all but the most partisan of the nihilistic “judges” and other assorted maggots who are Hell-bent on destroying America and Western Civilization.
    Nixon believed that throwing the bone of the EPA to the Globalist maggots who were trying to destroy him would mollify them – but it only emboldened them to greater heights of viciousness, contumacy, and treason.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. I almost feel like these decisions that are being made are intentional fuel for a civil war. Since when have those Radical Liberal Supreme court members agreed so easily on life, & Constitutional matters? Those in power know that the Democrats followers will burn down cities and hurt people. Is it a set up to stop Mid-Terms? Hard to say.

  13. “Now the enemy of the state.”

    Where the fuck have you been?
    Guess everything was OK while the Supremes wiped their asses with the Constitution?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  14. i’m surprised that muslim dkskr gro-bama did not proclaim toilet bowls to be “protected water sources”

  15. Finally recognizing “climate change” (Global Cooling, Global Warming, Global hiatus – Climate Pause, Climate Change… ya da, ya da, ya da) at the Green Grab it really is!

    “We can solve this crisis if we just throw more money at it!”

    Does no one realize how long this scam has been going on?
    How about hundreds of years when guys would burn down a barn or two, then march into town and proceed to sell lightning rods. Or the water-witching dowser who finds water with a magic stick or the “rainmaker” shaking a stick filled with pebbles or rice during a drought.
    P.T. Barnum knew a sucker when he saw one and he knew how often they were born!


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