Supreme Court rightly refuses to see racism that isn’t there

Are you listening, lower courts?

Washington Examiner: Those looking for good news these days can find it in a March 23 Supreme Court decision recognizing that sometimes people really do take actions based on factors other than race.

Even better, the court decision was unanimous. Great racial comity may result.

In Comcast v. National Association of African American-Owned Mediaall nine justices agreed that in a tort lawsuit alleging racial discrimination, the plaintiff must prove that the business decision in question was indeed motivated by — get this — actual racial discrimination. Amazingly, common sense prevails. MORE HERE

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  1. Lower courts that would find for the plaintiff in such cases before will ignore this precedent and find for the plaintiff anyway in future cases.

  2. I read a Vox article about this earlier today. Sooo much butthurt, feeling that the lefty Supremes have given up on racial opportunism. Well that isn’t exactly how they put it.

  3. 9-0 decision from the Supremes on this? That’s surprising good news! It must be hard being Kagan and Sotomeyor these days, having to be argued against by our two new justices; to be shamed into scholarly compliance and not go with their Leftist political ideology.

    And with a second term ahead, hopefully we’ll see a sea change on 9th, too!

  4. So how does this effect persistent complainers like the WNBA who no one watches, makes no money to speak of and whose players are being subsidized by the NBA!

    Soccer for that matter?

    And much worse yet, Women’s Hockey:
    2 competitive countries (Can & USA)
    3 below average (Finland, Sweden, Russia

  5. Congressional Black Caucus has the sads. My lord, I bet there’s gnashing of teef and pulling of weaves going on.

  6. Until they limit the lower courts decisions to accurate
    and limited application of the Constitution and Statutes,
    this means very little. Lefties pay no attention to law
    when their “feelings” are involved.


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