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Supremes Agree To Look At DACA Injunction

The Supreme Court of the United States has ordered DACA supporters to submit their briefs in support of a lower courts injunction, forcing the government to continue the program for the court’s review on the 16th. This accelerates the pace of when they might rule on the case (this June)  by skipping the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals entirely.


6 Comments on Supremes Agree To Look At DACA Injunction

  1. This is ridiculous. DACA was an illegal Obama executive order, Trump simply issued an executive order to FOLLOW the FRIGGIN’ LAW; what is there to decide???

  2. Breyer, Kagan and Ginsburg area all part of the NWO order group. But I do think we stand a better chance of getting this through and bypassing the 9th is a smart move. Other wise they would be bottleneck it with a result that everyone already knows.

  3. This is exactly were I wanted this to go . Hooray Hooray Hooray. Before June this nightmare will be over. Bye bye criminals illegal aliens.
    Take your dirty ass back to your shit hole country.

  4. Several things. RBG needs to recuse herself for her comments during the campaign. There is no way she can hear this case fairly or impartially.

    Also, it does not matter if the Supreme Court upholds Trump’s position. These out of control Obama/Clinton appointee in Californica, Hawaii, or pick another liberal shithole will lawlessly declare themselves above the Supreme Court and the President.

    If none of them pay a price, they will continue to loot whatever credibility the judicial branch has left.

    Trump said that he would primary those Republicans he needed to pass his agenda for their insolence towards him in the campaign. How about targeting some of these judges for removal, for violating their oaths, or sponsoring recalls after hiring private investigators to dig up dirt on them.

    That’s what it takes unfortunately.

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