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Sure, Let’s All Unify…Around Donald Trump


Kurt Shlichter/Town Hall:

In these troubled times, so many of our betters in our beloved and respected elite have cried out that Americans must put aside our petty differences and come together, and I agree. Let’s unify around the conservative agenda of the guy we elected president, Donald Trump.

Now, we have to unify around something, right? So, if we’re going to unify around something, shouldn’t we do it around the policies of the guy who won the presidency? Around the party that currently holds both houses of Congress? Around the side that holds the majority on the Supreme Court?

Ouch. Too soon?

Look, I mean, I could be cynical. I could doubt the sincerity of our moral superiors. I could engage in nutty conspiracy theories to the effect that the leftist whackos on CNNMSNBC and their Fredocon pals really mean we should unify around them and their preferred policies.

Which, of course, also means we would have to give up on our preferred policies, the ones that serve our interests instead of the interests of the useless elite. But that’s crazy talk.

No, when they talk about unity, they totally mean that they intend to come around to our way of thinking. Because it’s the right thing to do – unifying and stuff.

Right? Chet, you agree, don’t you?

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3 Comments on Sure, Let’s All Unify…Around Donald Trump

  1. One of the few times I disagree with Shlichter’s view of things.

    I say let the Left do whatever they want and let the town square of public opinion decide what is best for America and her citizens. It seems that is what is happening, anyway, despite the Left’s best efforts to “Resist”. To do otherwise is to court an artificial unity at best.

    Americans are different than anyone else in the world. We started out that way and it’s in our national DNA. We’ve never been united by race or religion — just the opposite. We’ve been united under a creed that welcomes all races and religions. That’s the key to our independence of spirit and thought. We’re united by successful ideas; our form of government and lawmaking, and our Constitution being chief among them.

    The Left is plum out of ideas and has been for a long time. It seems they are the only ones who don’t know that. Besides, the hair-brained, illogical, anti-American ideas they tried to foist upon us have been roundly rejected. They swung for the fences and they struck out. (spit)

  2. Not only are they out of ideas, but any ideas that they do espouse are unworkable, anti-capitalistic, anti-societal freedom and anti-individual freedom.

    Both their leaders and their followers are ignorant of history, not just American history, but also world-wide history. All they can muster are slogans, i.e.(Hopey/Changey, I’m with Herr (sic), because they can only think in 3-second sound bites. Long-term thinking and long-term effects are TOTALLY beyond their comprehension.

  3. Not only is the Left out of ideas, they are out of money. Their monopoly money is only the piles they move back and forth from NGOs, to and fro. It is not real money. Just numbers shifted to and fro to cook the books to make those biscuits look so surreal on TV.

    207 degrees


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