Surprise! Dems are finding “previously uncounted ballots” in Ohio’s special election


President Trump has already congratulated the Republican candidate in a closely watched special congressional election in Ohio—but election officials say the race has actually tightened. Officials in Franklin County, where Republican Troy Balderson and Democrat Danny O’Connor are competing for a House seat, say they found 588 previously uncounted votes from suburban Columbus precincts, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

The votes gave O’Connor a net gain of 190 votes, leaving Balderson fewer than 1,600 votes ahead in a district that Trump carried by 11 points in 2016. With more than 8,000 provisional and absentee ballots still to be counted, O’Connor hasn’t conceded and is continuing to campaign ahead of the November rematch, WCMH reports.


It’s amazing that recounts when the democrat is behind always results in a stunning tightening of the race.

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  1. The missing ballots will continue to flow in for the next several months, and of course, they will all be dem.

    O’Conner will be declared the winner in October.

  2. “O’Connor hasn’t conceded and is continuing to campaign ahead of the November rematch…”

    Lol are you telling me that the Dems spent trillions and deployed their mad vote-counting skillz in a special election, only to face destruction in a real election in November, which they will spend more trillions to lose? I almost hope they fraud-win the recount, so they dump more cash into a November loss.

  3. I am shocked! Shocked I say! Just wait until the dems start bringing out those premarked ballots “forgotten” In the trunks of cars.

  4. Remember, Dems peaked at 90% voter participation in this election, while Repubs troughed at 40% voter participation. And the Dems are still looking for votes in the couch cushions to try and eke out a fraud win. Things will be much different in November.

  5. Sigh, it’s Al Franken all over again.

    Jon Husted is the Ohio Secretary of State and is a Republican. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he hasn’t been bribed or blackmailed. He will have the last word in what ‘found’ ballots are allowed to be counted as valid.

    MN SOS was D and everyone knew the results before all the ballots were counted when it was reported that a trunk-load of ballots were ‘found’. I can’t fully express how demoralizing that was.

    I pray that God will not let this fraud prevail.

  6. This is such BS. Another problem with election cheating is the close elections almost ALWAYS go to Dems because they out maneuver and out lawyer the GOP candidate. They have treasure troves of money they throw to ensure their candidate wins. And on the flip side, we just fold up shop and concede. Even when we know mass cheating occurred. Often because the candidate doesn’t have the money they need to fight it and the GOP doesn’t back them. I’ve watched it happen time after time.
    I guess the joke on this one is the Dems are so desperate to get a win they are willing to go all out for a seat that literally lasts 3 months. And just wait until they flip it, media frenzy for a week about how this is it, the BLUE WAVE. They are insane.
    This should be a lesson to Republicans, get out and vote – the GOP candidate needs to win by an unassailable percentage to avoid this BS.

  7. The real story in this race between Troy Balderson and Danny O’Connor is what I call ‘The O’Connor Rule’. 90% of O’Connor’s spell their name with an ‘OR’ at the end. 90% of the people not named O’Connor spell the name with an ‘ER’ at the end. This drives me crazy. JO’C

  8. Re: the 588 “lost” ballots. Did I miss something here ? The dem gained 190 votes from the 588 but the GOP guy’s numbers went down. 588 – 190 = 398. Where did the 398 go ??????????? dahhhhhhh

    Sounds like the old 3 guys check into a hotel story….

  9. This has happened more than once in the state of Washington.

    The latest time a bag of ballots were found in the trunk of a car and resulted in an incumbent democrat governor beating a GOP candidate by a whisker. The challenger was ahead prior to the bag being miraculously discovered.

  10. Nonsense. You can count on Gov Kasich overseeing a free and fair election in his state.

    He and John McCain stand on lifelong careers in public service culminating in their runs for the US Presidency. And these GOP statesmen are stalwart supporters of President Trump.

  11. SHOCK & AWE!!!
    1) Voter ID.
    2) Indelible ink on a finger to ensure one person one vote.
    3) NO MAIL IN BALLOTS. NO ABSENTEE BALLOTS. You either show up to vote your ballot or keep your mouth shut until the next election.
    4) All Ballots not used at Poll Location immediately shredded when Poll closes.
    5) All Ballot Boxes controlled 100% & visible to the public at all times from beginning to end at the Poll location (opened and verified empty to begin day).
    6) If a BB is not controlled 100% then automatically tossed.
    7) All Ballot Boxes opened, first hand counted and then machine counted at that Poll location (when all the Polls close in that Precinct/District), & in full view of the public (eliminates transportation & possible “lost in transit” issues).
    8) Representatives of candidates (or Precinct Committee Officers) at Poll Locations to monitor & verify voting and counting.
    9) Any disputes or discrepancies addressed immediately Onsite by Campaign Representatives (or PCOs).
    10) Poll Locations report final counts to the County Auditor.
    11) No more recounts – no need to hold onto ballots for future. All voted ballots shredded after final count is reported to the County Auditor. Eliminates unnecessary storage facility requirements & costs.
    12) Election is held in one day and all results are IMMEDIATELY KNOWN AND FINAL!

    This sounds so simple, which is why it will never be implemented (what a shame).

  12. Remember B-1 Bob Dornan? Was cheated out of his seat in congress, and he had proof of illegals voting. Abandoned by his own party to twist in the wind. Regardless of how you felt about Dornan, he was screwed.


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