Surveillance State Violates 3rd Amendment

In this digital era, technology continues to innovate and improve our quality of life, but it’s not without its drawbacks. The Third Amendment forbids the quartering of troops, in your home without your consent. How does this apply to your digital home that resides in not only your computer but all your latest technology?

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  1. So Patriots here’s a real life example of what we all can expect since we support IOTW and the deep state fights dirty by screwing our cyber back doors.

    I have been a federal contractor in National Defense for almost a decade since my military retirement in 2013. I became eligible for Social Security Disability a couple years later. I refuse to get the jab.

    Now mind you I get the max SSD payment monthly due to the level of my injuries occurred in AD but it will never in my lifetime overcome the large amounts I contributed in my 34 year career.

    In addition due to my income I’m taxed on 90 percent of my annual SSD, so I’m still paying taxes on taxes I already paid.

    So no fuss, no muss, all these years until this year when suddenly I receive notice from California of all places that they will now be recouping all of last years SSD payments because I’ve suddenly become able bodied.

    I live in Missouri, my regional SSD work force records and case has always been adjudicated out of STL and my local office in Columbia MO. Now suddenly I have been handed off to the Western region out of CA and been assigned a case worker in LA.

    When I called my local case worker in COMO he said he could still enter notes into my file but since my file has been transferred they will just ignore them. He sympathized with the “inequity” but was helpless to fight the machine on my behalf.

    It is no coincidence since my outspoken antipathy to the Pedo in Chief is well known on Facebook, Twatter, and various other inter web portals like this one, as well as my anti-jab point of view.

    The pedo has weaponized the “whole of government” approach to punish us backassward hillbillies who refuse his dictates.

    I’m curious if any other IOTW patriots are experiencing similar punishment.

    Please let Fur know as it would be interesting to see.

    As for you bastards in the NSA, fuck you, come and take it..,,

  2. I like it too. All we need is to have some progressive attorneys paid for by the deep state to argue it before a corrupt Supreme Court.

    A recipe for success?

  3. He’s right, but I have serious doubts that our bent and crooked judges will be of any help in supporting the theory. Our government is using black mail and carrots on social media companies to set their needs via third party guidelines to get some else to do things the constitution forbids the government itself from doing. No jab, no travel etc. Medical facts or news they don’t like people to hear or read about, just have their social media slave operators do it for them, and they are in the clear.

  4. An interesting concept but I would think that at this juncture of the,Takeover of America, they really don’t give a damn about the Constitution.

  5. The Constitution is not even a consideration with our government and hasn’t been for decades… interstate commerce has been bastardized to include everything and thus has become the justification for ALL of the aconstitutional bullshit that the leviathan has enacted for years. Few of the federal agencies would exist were we living in a Constitutional Republic. Instead we are currently living in some kind of administrative state oligarchy where THEY know better than the chattel. We did not start this decline, the greatest generation did…. we have simply failed to check its progress.

  6. Interesting but I doubt it will ever become an issue we can address and expect change.
    As there are other things like voter fraud and mask mandates to deal with, and honestly it’s the reason I’ve never been into social media. This is the only site I will comment on and get encouragement from other conservatives. Yes big brother has been watching us for a long time.

  7. Cameras everywhere, this will never go away & only increase. Why does it feel like somebody’s watching me, or is it just my fantasy. Tracking micro-chips soon to be mandatory right after the mandatory vax.


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