Surveillance Video Captures Assailant Beaten By San Fran Cops

CNN- Authorities say the deputies had been monitoring a hotel parking lot in Oakland when they came upon a stolen Mercedes-Benz.

Petrov was inside the car and ignored commands from police, the sheriff’s office said. He then rammed two patrol cars, injuring adeputy in the process, which led to the 40-minute car chase that ended across the bay, in San Francisco, according to authorities.

Investigators say they found methamphetamine and a semi-automatic handgun inside the car.


Petrov in hospital, with broken bones in hands and a concussion.

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  1. Let me see. . . . .name. . . . beard. . . . behavior. . . .
    He MUST be a quoranderthal from the “Religion of Peace”, recently immigrated from eastern europe.
    How close did I guess?

  2. OUCH! I finally watched the video. All the action takes place in the first 1-2 minutes.
    Granted, the guy was a douche, but did he deserve THAT much of a Rodney King-class can’o’whoop’ass?

    Oh well, as has been said, “Don’t bring nuttin’, won’t BE nuttin’.”
    Bet’cha he’ll remember this lesson for a LOOOONG time.

    And one more thing. . . . CAIR trotting out all the usual tropes. . . and muzzie riots . . . in four. . . . three. . . two. . . .

  3. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Where he comes from cops would have shot him in the back. Career criminal picked San Francisco because he assumed cops would sock him with their purses and umbrellas. Sucks to be stupid. Make him pay all the bills then send his worthless ass back where he came from.

  4. The video was published on Nov 15, 2015, 4 months ago. I’d like to know what the outcome was for these officers. It was brutal.

  5. He assaulted to patrolmen (in their cars) and spent the next forty minutes endangering the lives of everyone he passed by in his high speed chase. So explain again why I should care that they beat his ass?

  6. @geofraz – You should care about your own ass. If the cops can do it do him and get away with it, they can do it to you. By mistake. And get away with it when they testilie you into prison.

  7. Old Man Johnson
    March 30, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    Did the officers get a medal?

    Nope, but they’ve been sitting home collecting a pay check ever since the incident. Maybe to them that’s better than a medal.

  8. Over-zealous abuse and over the line.

    San Francisco taxpayers will foot the bill of the law suit.
    The perp will win and will be rich when he gets out of jail.

    The officers should be prosecuted and never allowed to be in law enforcement the rest of their lives.

  9. If he was on meth he didn’t feel a thing. Shake it off buddy!

    I was 5 mins behind this woman on KY 90 coming back home by myself after visiting relatives in TN. I stopped and this poor woman going down the road innocently got killed by this Im assuming illegal otherwise why did he not stop. Her car went airborne and flipped over according to eyewitness. I sat there thinking If that had been me, it couldve been me, my husband wouldve beat the crap out of this guy for not stopping.

  10. It is a problem when bad guys get charges dropped because of police misconduct, and then they get slapped with the big multimillion dollar brutality lawsuit (which comes out of the taxpayer’s pockets).

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