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Survey Says: In New Poll, 56% Cite Anthem Antics in NFL Ratings Rout

NB: It hurts journalists right to their activist little hearts, so they’re trying like heck to avoid telling you. But the Colin Kaepernick-led national anthem protests really are hurting the NFL’s ratings.

According to a new Seton Hall University survey of 841 adults, 56% said the anthem protests were a reason for the 12% NFL ratings drop this season.  Other leading factors were “the distraction of the presidential campaign” (50%), and “the controversy over the handling of domestic violence cases involving players” (47%).

Contrast that to media analysis of the ratings plunge, including a 1,000-word Washington Post report that never mentioned the protests.

There are probably lots of reasons NFL ratings are down. But surely, the spectacle of pampered millionaire athletes running down the nation must be one.  MORE

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  1. i gotta tell ya, in this season i am making a YUGE sacrifice, not watching my team. The Minnesota Vikings are 5-1. An incredible undertaking in that the starting QB and RB were knocked out before the season began. But on the bright side, I hear from my friends that no Viking has dissed the anthem.

  2. The left destroys every institution it gets its hooks into. It’s just that simple.

  3. The media isn’t going to report this because their tv parent companies depend on the ratings and I’ll also bet that they are in talks with the NFL about cutting ad rates because you sure as hell know the companies that buy the TV ad are in conversations with them about rate cutting. I suspect everyone wants to keep it quiet. The only time you’ll see it hit the media is if people organised and sat out one game. A half empty stadium will tell all the people at once exactly what’s cutting into the ratings. Then you’ll see some real action out of the NFL, the Broadcasters and the Players Associations who depend on the ad sales to get those big contracts. If those big contracts are threatened then I wouldn’t be surprised to Kaepernick show up for work with a couple of black eyes and standing tall to the Anthem and the rest of the similar nonsense around the league stop. The same thing would happen in other sports where the juicy contracts are threatened (especially the thugs in Basketball).

  4. Maybe it’s also down in the ratings because football is a stupid, inane, time waster!

  5. Get everybody with a Nielson box on their TV to stop watching the NFL and it would really get a Ray Rice bitch-slap, wouldn’t it ?

  6. Who are they kidding? The Anthem Antics are 100% reason for their losses and if it were a true poll it would be 100% of the people say the Anthem Antics are the only reason for the drop in NFL dollars.

  7. I am boycotting the NFL, SNL, and all late-night talk shows.
    I ‘unsubscribed’ to all NFL related emails I was getting.
    Sometimes they offer a “reason unsubscribing?” box for me to rant.

    I LocoBlasted them! 🙂

    I did the same thing with Glenn Beck’s sites.

  8. From Mike D.: “Get everybody with a Nielson box on their TV to stop watching the NFL…”

    That’s old school and was not very accurate. Today, if you have cable, or satellite with a connection back to your internet (for Netflix, Youtube, etc) it rats out far more information on what you watch, when you watch it, and if you turn the channel in the middle of a program.
    Your TV provider makes millions off this data.

    But you don’t get a cut, do you?

  9. Not watching the NFL hasn’t been noticed or missed.
    I watch and record some college football, which is much more interesting. That way I can watch a game without feeling the guilt of oppressing half-assed black Multi-$Millionaire whiners.

  10. The anthem protests were the last straw. There are so many other reasons too, like…

    1. Play constantly being stopped for video review.

    2. Players taking up the lame art of flopping to draw flags.

    3. Negro bullshit from obnoxious dances after every fucking tackle, obnoxious & inappropriate tirades that pretty much amount to being a poor winner, to the last straw anti-American shitbaggery of late.

    4. Double standards, e.g. a black guy scores a TD, bends knee, and thanks Jesus, and it’s quaint and inspiring. Tim Tebow does the same thing, and he’s an “asshole” who never gets a chance to play.

  11. Sent an email to the NFL Players Association saying that after watching pro football for the past 50 years, I’m done. I want to watch pro ball, not some pampered low-potential high-achiever vent his bulls**t politics.

    Haven’t heard a word back.

  12. The only surprise from the poll is that it is only 56% who say the anthem crap made them tune out. I guess some NFL PR weenie decided they had to acknowledge the situation and the focus group zeroed in on 56% as optimal. Next, the NFL will announce either sanctions for kneeling players or doing away with the anthem (yeah, right).

  13. I have recently watch the beginnings of several games just to see the antics. It appears the networks have been told to eliminate any of that shit from the program.

    Unlike NASCAR who for the most part is still American…except for their ban on the “Stars & Bars” because it was offensive to the black drivers. What, there are no BLACK DRIVERS? Call Al, Call Jesse, somebody notify BLM!

  14. Being a native of Cleveland, I don’t think I’m missing much by not watching my Browns play. : (

  15. If the NFL wants to be so politically correct then let them pay the taxes that democrats so love and let them have racial equality, 14% black players, only and affirmative action for white guys.

  16. Mike – I am a Nielsen family, and I forbid NFL on my TV. Ratings-wise, my house is supposedly the equivalent of 6,000 houses.

  17. Since the NFL won’t put a stop to this disrestectful bullshit, then it condones it. To hell with them.

  18. Actors,musicians and athletes should do their thing and keep their mouths shut about politics. as soon as I find out one of them is making a statement or standing or kneeling for some cause I want nothing more to do with them. maybe other people feel the same way.

  19. I’m with the majority here. Let the league and the team owners take a long walk off a very short pier, into an ocean of very hungry sharks. Boycott the games, league and anything and everything that has to do with the NFL and hit them HARD in the wallet. If that doesn’t work, screw ’em and let them die a painful death. Would serve them right.

  20. Hey Brown Eyed Girl – Your name isn’t Laura by chance? ;^)

  21. This is a sterling opportunity for pickle ball to go national!

  22. Brown Eyed Girl – OK, thanks. I’m from Cleveland and still work there. A former co-worker, female, Clevelander and Browns fan uses the same nickname. I thought you were she. ;^)

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