Survivorman’s Takes On The Self-Quarantine Challenge

Les Stroud of Discovery and Science Channels’ “Survivorman” series has started a new challenge, taking on the rugged environment of living at home while waiting out the pandemic. Before starting his adventure, Lee ventured out to his local stores to secure supplies. Watch

Today, day three of his challenge,  survivorman shares his secrets for procuring food and the measures a person should take when relieving oneself while self-quarantining. Watch

5 Comments on Survivorman’s Takes On The Self-Quarantine Challenge

  1. Pineapple on a pizza…only a fukin canuk woud commit such heresy.

    You don’t have to worry about burying or flushing a turd, just take your dump near Bear Grylls; he tends to eat just about anything. Don’t know about recycled pineapple on a pizza though.

  2. Sort of off topic, but I found it hilarious, so thought I would share.

    A woman was ranting on FB, one of those 20 somethings, so whatever generation that is. She didn’t say where she worked, but my guess since about the only thing left open are grocery stores and pharmacies it’s one of those. It’s also a reminder to some of us that not all mailmen are leftist idiots. I still can’t stop laughing.

    Her post:
    I’m at work today and one of the unfortunate ones who are having to risk our lives because we’re essential and our boss won’t give us two weeks off. Here we are living through a disease that means almost certain death to anyone who catches it and some people treat it like it’s just one big joke and don’t care whose life they risk.
    We don’t have a mail slot so our mailman has to come in and hand us our mail, so ours comes in today with the mail, he hands it to me with his bare hands, NO GLOVES!!!!
    I go off on him that he should be wearing gloves to protect citizens and himself from this deadly disease.
    He just laughed and said he was more likely to be hit in his little tin box he was driving than he was to die from the Chinese flu, hell he even had a greater chance of being Hillary suicided.
    Yeah, it isn’t funny and nobody is laughing.

    All of her commie friends agreed with her and are telling her to report him and get him fired as he is trying to spread the virus.

    Me, I can’t quit laughing. We should move him up to run USPS and they might not be broke. lol

  3. One of my pregnant beef cows was self-quarantining this morning like she was afraid of the virus. Then she dropped a calf. Both are doing just fine.

  4. “Here we are living through a disease that means almost certain death to anyone who catches it”

    The important thing is that you keep some fucking sense of reality.



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