Susan Collins Wants Obamacare Subsidies Passed Before Tax Reform

It’s extortion like this that angers me about Senate Republicans. Susan Collins (R-ME) stated  last Sunday that she wants to see two Obamacare “stabilization” bills passed before tax reform. The bi-partisan bills would, in effect, reimburse insurers two mores years for their Obamacare policies.

While not stating she won’t vote for tax reform, Collins made it clear what it will take to assure her approval.


21 Comments on Susan Collins Wants Obamacare Subsidies Passed Before Tax Reform

  1. As unlikely as it might seem to some, I bet Collins, McCain, McConnell, Murkowski and many other swap republicans have some sordid sexual past and should be outed publicly.

    Resign, or else.

  2. Why don’t she just go ahead and switch over to the Democrats? Good Lord. It’s always her and McCain opposing everything. Doing the country no good whatsoever.

  3. Members of the Senate are absolutely free to identify as certifiy themselves as fruitcakes! Susan Collins has taken full advantage of that leeway!

  4. So much for the vaunted Yankee self-sufficiency! Listening to her speak I can only wonder how many exhaust pipes she’s been sucking on over the years–carbon monoxide can do that to you they say.

  5. Steve Bannon needs to take a visit to Ms. Collins home state and have a talk with some of her constituents, the kind that donate money as well as some of the more popular and truly conservative members of that state.

  6. WTF is the matter with the people in Maine that they voted for someone like her?
    Oh wait! I’m from Minnesota, but at least our liberal politicians don’t claim to be Republicans.

  7. Southern Maine has been taken over by out of state wanna be hippies and commies. It’s so disheartening sometimes.
    The only reason she isn’t running for Governor is because she would have to actually talk to and spend time with constituents. Right now she keeps herself completely insulated from all of us. The only reason she meets with anyone is to take pictures of make it look like she’s at a round table meeting.
    Go ahead, call her office about any issue. The answer you’ll get is, “The Senator has not released a statement on that yet.”

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