“Suspicious Powder” Sent to Manhattan DA’s Office – IOTW Report

“Suspicious Powder” Sent to Manhattan DA’s Office

Riiiiiiiight…. Salty Cracker has the story.

13 Comments on “Suspicious Powder” Sent to Manhattan DA’s Office

  1. The return address of Jussie Smollett should be a dead giveaway

  2. Would it even be a crime if the powder was black?

  3. msNBC wen Wild with it
    They even pre-empted Bidens Quebec Video Coverage
    They had the Return to Sender address and everything
    They even had a bearded instigator stoking “He knows who did its” allegations that he knpws it has to be Trump that allegedly mailed it on March 21st is what he said.

    And then after reporting that the real investigation has analyzed and determined the ‘white powder’ to be harmless, the girls gone wild crew started speculating how it could be anthrax and the whole city should go on alert alert alert.

    After seeing Bidens performance in Canada, there’s a whole lot of stoking going on.

  4. Hunter was just mailing Bragg his cut of the parmesan.

  5. Wheres was jussie?

  6. We’re onto you fake news assholes.
    You ain’t foolin’ NOBODY.


  7. Alternative headline: I suppose the video of Ray Epps leaving the security of his underground bunker on Monday to drop off a package at the post office has nothing whatsoever to do with this.

  8. LOL! “Fat Albert” Alvin. This constant attack on Pres. Trump is more like a Warner Bros. Roadrunner and Coyote cartoon. The Soros coyotes – dastardly DAs and traitorous alphabet government agencies keep sabotaging themselves while President Trump runs rings around them without any real effort. It’s comical.

    One day the threat of indictment and arrest on illegal charges, suspicious white powder-likely harvested from a doughnut in Bragg’s office and harassment of Pres. Trump’s colleagues who have no clue about these tyrannical made up accusations.

    What’s next – Soros coyotes throw a stick of lit dynamite in Pres. Trump’s direction only to miss and ricochet back on these fools. LOL! Pres. Trump is always way ahead. They’ll never catch him unprepared for their idiotic plots/false flags.


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