Swamp Donkey Suddenly Attacks Pro-Life Woman


10 Comments on Swamp Donkey Suddenly Attacks Pro-Life Woman

  1. I have been assaulted verbally while rescuing by a rabid well dressed, crazed lefty woman who used words that sailors would typically use and then some. I have never seen such enraged, hellish fury unleashed like that just because I was standing up for and rescuing the unborn, it was unreal but God was with me to withstand her demonic fury. It was like she was possessed when she went ballistic on me.

  2. Every outdoorsman knows to step clear of a charging bull unless you have a clear head shot. That thing looks to run about 275-300 lbs of enraged animal and the rodeo clowns were to timid to distract the snorting beast from the charge.

  3. She probably beats her girlfriend too.
    I bet it makes her feel manly.

    I must say there was a great deal of restraint shown by those whose friend was attacked.


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