Swan Lake Fire rages in Alaska

Radio Kenai:

[…] The Swan Lake fire has crossed the Sterling Highway near Jean Lake and is now on the south side of the Sterling Highway heading east, this has halted traffic in both directions of the highway.

Sarah Saarloos with the Division of Forestry says the fire has established across the highway at MP 56: “We are experiencing extreme fire activity, we have halted traffic, and are advising those traveling from Anchorage to not travel in this direction.”  MORE

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  1. That’s my old stomping grounds. There’s a lot of fuel there, and the resources are not that great to contain these. The reality is fires burn more ground in Alaska every year than anyplace else in the US. On top of that, it’s been an usually hot, dry summer. Alaska is a great place!

  2. Chain gang prisoners, MSM commies, environmentalists, professors, and democrat politicians. Give em each a rake, have them clean up the forest floors.

  3. Somehow when I read “Swan Lake fire” I had this mental image of thousands of ballerinas fleeing the conflagration in panic, ripping their tutus on the underbrush and struggling to stay on their toes as they ran helter-skelter through the forest.


  4. It is with great shame that I must bear my soul and admit that I have no idea how to make those fancy letters
    Prolly got to press nine keys at a time to get it done.

  5. I’m currently holed up in Homer, trying to get to Anchorage. Sterling Highway is closed and I’m hoping like hell it will open tomorrow. Bad news on the Parks Highway too, evacuating several different areas around MP 82. Best of luck to everyone.


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