Sweatshop Of the Future

Last fall, engineers figured out that if you presoak t-shirt fabric in a stiffening solution you can program a standard robotic arm to sew. When the shirt is completed it is simply soaked to remove the stiffener.


Implications of the new application of robotics, Here

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  1. The entire Third World thrown out of work. Permanently.
    Just when global sweatshop borderless lowest-bidder relocation was supposed to help them afford some solid protein, and their first pair of shoes.

    Agenda 21 calls for forcibly eliminating 90% + of the planets population.
    To be replaced by robots and sex slaves, grateful for food and a blanket.

    Just got closer.

  2. It will be the end of global outsourcing when repetitive low skill actions can be transferred to robots that work around the clock with no breaks.

  3. I await the sexbot that cooks, does dishes, shops, cleans clothes, cleans guns, dusts and shuts the Hell up.


  4. Fabric stiffener is a huge necessity for even home sewers. Most home machines do everything from soup to nuts, but not as well as a totally tuned one purpose machine that does one function for thousands of garments.

  5. The end of the pimply-faced kid with the dim-witted grin that won’t be serving you burgers and fries any more.

  6. When 99% of former human tasks can be done by robots–virtually for free–that same 99% of humans become obsolete.

    Useless Eaters whose skills are now irrelevant, with no means of acquiring income, even essential food and shelter, except violence– or hapless appeals for pity from the Elite who monopolize all resources.

    At that point the Mass Reduction will be implemented. Probably an engineered pandemic/s. The unvaccinated 99% disappear.

  7. The article states this will put “thousands” out of work. Hardly. If this technology is perfected and mass produced, it will put tens of millions out of work.

    This is one technology that will have a major impact on third world countries – I don’t think having millions of jobless citizens roaming the streets will have a positive impact. China, Cambodia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Haiti, etc. etc.

  8. All techy ass holes are calling on taxation on robots. That’s how you will eat in the near future. Robots do the labor and you get paid the same as every other MoFo on the Planet. A.I is scary then shit. They unplugged an experiment last month when they realized the A.I. robots were developing their own language so humans couldn’t interfere. GOOGLE IT. Sky Net is here.

  9. @Hans:

    Oh, I’m certain, Then, I could have a job ‘painting’ pimples on robots–at least for awhile, until they learn to do it themselves (while talking to each other in their ‘secret language’) !!!

  10. And you know what? Clothes will STILL be expensive. Maybe even more.

    Those must be the machines making mich obama’s clothes. It doesn’t know how to blend colors well, and can’t adjust for when fabric slides out of place and cuts/ stitches incorrectly.

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