Sweden Has a Domestic Bombing Crisis and its Being Ignored Because the Criminals Are “Immigrants”

The left is dangerous. I feel bad for any right-thinking Swedish citizen. Their left-wing neighbors don’t care if they are killed as long as they can cup their own farts and smugly sniff.

Bombings in Sweden are at crisis level, yet, Sweden will do nothing about it because they’d have to admit that savages from third world $hitholes cannot peacefully be integrated into their society.


Sweden’s 100 explosions this year:

Swedish police are dealing with unprecedented levels of attacks, targeting city centre locations too. The bomb squad was called to deal with 97 explosions in the first nine months of this year.

This category of crime was not even logged prior to 2017. Then, in 2018, there were 162 explosions and in the past two months alone the bomb squad have been called to almost 30.

Police say the criminals involved are part of the same gangs behind an increase in gun crime, often connected to the drugs trade. Sweden saw 45 deadly shootings in 2018, compared with 17 in 2011.

But why they have added explosives to their arsenal is unclear.

…Ms Straaf says it is “not correct” to suggest new arrivals are typically involved in gang networks.

For many on the political right the explosions add fuel to their argument that Sweden has struggled to integrate migrants over the past two decades.

Another important layer of this story is how it has been covered by Swedish media.

After last month’s trio of attacks in Stockholm, public broadcaster SVT was accused of a leftist cover-up for leaving the story out of a main evening news programme.


List of grenade attacks in Sweden.

12 Comments on Sweden Has a Domestic Bombing Crisis and its Being Ignored Because the Criminals Are “Immigrants”

  1. Heads in the sand, the unemployed immigrant believes that he receives less social justice and goods than the blond ones…soon to be bitter. Ten explosions per month, a general malaise just short of a touch of fear or concern. Is it the weather, or something else ? Assimilation is not happening although Sweden offers acceptance of all things, sexual degradation, abortions, mandatory equality, freedom from some religions, thought control PC that surely does not conflict with the Koran and so much more…when the time is right, and there are enough of them, Sweden will turn upside down in a violent moment and then it will be one again…In America, the use of Law to rid os of guns has begun, it is only a matter of time…Remington Arms founded 1816 only has three more years until it is sued into oblivion….Sweden and America and most of the world is helplessly watching the hundred arm ratcheting away of Freedom by the Left. From open borders, to liability suits to credit denial, to insurance costs to child protective cults, to Media shaming, to climate taxes and on, you will lose everything, especially your guns and it is then that you will realize it is too late…

  2. “I feel bad for any right-thinking Swedish citizen”.

    Who are these right thinking Swedes of which you speak? I believe they’re an ancient people.

    Swedes are soooo forward thinking, inclusive, diverse, open minded and welcoming. They didn’t think their heritage worth preserving, hence they’ve no choice but to sit down, shut up and wonder what happened to their fair-haired, blue eyed ancestors.

  3. Hey Sweden, Muslim immigrants want to kill you and take over your country. They will kill you off or breed like rats in Baltimore and run you off, vote you out, make you slaves

  4. Swedes turned their men into betas. They men then elected crazy liberal women to run the country. The crazy liberal women literally – LITERALLY – have forever destroyed their way of life, turning one of the most beautiful societies into an islamic shithole.

    This was obama’s plan for America. Given omar, tlaib and the like, it was working.

  5. Bring back swift justice and public hanging within 30 days of conviction. In the towns square so everyone can see. If they capture 10 and convict 10 then all ten are hung at the same time in tress and allowed to dangle for 12 hours so everyone can view justice. THEN bury them in pig poop, videotape and post

  6. Attention Norway and Finland.You too Denmark. Man your borders, they’re coming for you next! Look what they have done to London, Paris and are trying to do in the U.S. and Canada. The Swedes need to man-up,grab their ax and sword and show these “migrants” what the sons of Odin can do!

  7. Right on the money. Leftists do not care if you are murdered as long as their plan goes forward. Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, the list of murderous Socialist/Communist leaders is long. But I would not spend one life, one dollar to help the Swedish people (or the French, German or any other European country). They were not invaded, they let the barbarians in the front gate so let them live with their decision. In a hundred years, they and a lot of Europe will be living in the eight century, eating goat, beating their women and wiping their buts with their left hand. Enjoy.


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