Sweden Has Been Destroyed By Self-Loathing Swedes

We ran this once before, but we need to run it again. If this isn’t a wake up call I don’t know what is. Ht/ Magnum

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  1. And my cousins in Sweden and my Swedish neighbor keep posting “refugee” sob stories on FB. Recently, I read a story about Umea taking in a ton of moslems. That’s where my neighbor is from. Can’t wait to hear how she likes her town after her next visit this Christmas! Hej da Sverige!

  2. I didn’t see this previously. Thanks for the re-run. Sounds exactly like what we have and are going to have more of here in the US.
    Evil, pure and simple.

  3. None of us like this because we know the extremely negative repercussions of putting turds in the apple pie.
    But I take hope in this Scripture, Psalm 21:11

    Though they intend to harm you and devise a wicked plan, they will not prevail. 

    Since these God unknowers will be right in there within our comuuuunities, put the worldy stuff aside and have a conversation.

    Human intellect will NOT succeed in subduing
    their minds. Please meditate, sulk, on this.

  4. One of the most plain spoken videos I’ve seen describing the madness of the leaders of western nations. Which all of them exhibit in varying degrees.

    Some days I have an imaginary coin I flip to decide why the leaders of all western countries are quite mad, and determined to destroy their own countries and culture.

    On one side of the coin, all of them fried their brains with hard drugs in their youth, retaining only the talent, and the instinct to be elected to political office. On the other side, their stupid dangerous actions are caused by some divine plan, that I do not understand.

  5. Sadly I have family members who have the same progressive views. educated/indoctrinated by progressive liberal professors at a local university. what really scares me as a Christian is when will they try to exterminate all religions? which along with race and wealth is one of the greatest dividing factors. the people destroying the world as we know it are a bunch of pot smoking starry eyed dreamers listening to John Lennon’s Imagine. these are the people allowing/causing the world to fall into ruin.

  6. The douche says, “…for what a small group of Jews are doing to the Palestinians in Palestine”

    Ahhh, clue time moron. If the Palestinians dropped the terror stick, the latest being random knifings and cars smashing into pedestrians on top of random missiles and tunnels that precluded a widespread, prepared Mumbai style terror attack and truly wanted to just live and raise their families, kinda like people in eastern New Mexico not attacking people in w Texas, THERE WOULD BE NO PROBLEM. Because the Israelis aren’t going to be blowing up pizza parlors or sneaking in on rafts to murder families.

    Got it twatbreathe?

    You’re seriously brainwashed bub-must be a problem in Sweden because until very recently, almost all of you bought into multiculturalism.

  7. Hey, my sister is married!! to a retired head of a university dept.

    Guess how times I’ve been back to Chicago to visit since my mom passed in 1996?

  8. Swedes are racists. They treat Middle Easterns and Africans really really bad. I mean what is Sweden . Nothing. They want the Arabic to learn Swedish. Are people stupid. It would be much better if the Swedes learnt Arabic, Turkisk and Somali instead. Maybe the Isis could teach them a lesson.


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