Sweden: Imams to be deported

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Radical teachings? It’s authentic Islam, pure Islam. When will Western authorities address that?

Sweden is to deport the imam of a mosque in Gävle, and two other foreigners suspected of playing a role in Islamist circles.


The Swedish Migration Board has granted approval for the deportation of radical Imam Abo Raad after a request from the Swedish security service Säpo who had previously arrested several Islamic leaders.

Imam Abo Raad, who lived in Gävle, is one of two Imams scheduled for deportation following the decision by the Migration Board along with another man. All three were arrested as part of the Act on Special Aliens Control which grants Swedish police and security services the ability to request for the deportation of those deemed a security threat, Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.

A spokesperson for the Gävle mosque commented on the decision to expel their imam saying, “it is very regrettable that Sweden takes such a serious decision to expel him,” and added that Raad may face persecution in his native Iraq or even face a prison term.

Abo Raad’s lawyer Alparslan Tügel announced shortly after the decision was made public that he would be filing an appeal saying, “The first reaction is of course that this is not the output we had hoped for. But we look forward with confidence to the next instance.”  more here

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  1. The Swedes need to go further. Shut down all mosques and deport every Muzzie. Imams can be replaced with ones just like them.

  2. Don’t tell the American left that their beloved socialist Sweden is finally coming to its senses.

  3. As soon as the Politically Crippled (PC) West wakes up and recognizes that iSlam is simply Fascist Totalitarianism hiding behind the umbrella of a “religion”, the sooner we will be able to actually fight these ruthless, intolerant, brutal, bloodthirsty cavemen Hell-bent on world domination by their so-called master “religion”!

  4. You’ve got it @TRF. The commenters on this blog, and of course the bloggers themselves, have more commonsense solutions to issues than hundreds of experts who are subject matter experts.

    You know it. I know it. Trump knows it. Idiots at Fox, CNNABCNBCPBSCBS can’t get their heads around it.
    These people require messages like ‘close cover before striking’ on matchbooks. These are not intelligent people. They need post it notes on their shoes labeled LEFT and RIGHT. Stupid on stilts.

  5. TRF & PHenry,
    That’s because liberals never learn jack shit from history. They feel that if you’re nice to these 13th century savages, they wont rape you, or throw your LGBT ass off the first tall building they can find.
    However history has proven otherwise.

  6. Expelling the insufficiently feminist — and it’s children, homosexualist, transgenderist, communist socialist progressive socialist — hate talkers of the patriarchy, is going to fix Sweden right up.

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