Sweden: In the rape capital of the world, an anti-immigration party shoots to 1st place


TheRebel- Sweden is the rape capital of the world. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.


Because Sweden welcomes thousands of Islamic “refugees” every year, many of whom don’t share the nation’s famously progressive, feminist and peaceful views.

What’s worse, many white liberal Swedish judges excuse these crimes due to the rapists’ “cultural background”!

However, ordinary Swedes have just put the country’s anti-immigration party in first place.

Their popularity has doubled in one year.


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  1. The weekly potpourri at TakiMag includes this lovely paragraph:

    Per capita, Sweden is taking in more refugees than any other country in the European Union. If this bold and blonde nation were to get a handle on its immigration problem, that would free up time, energy, and resources that would enable it to properly deal with Sweden’s most pressing problem—all the indigenous batshit feminists.

    I had to laugh at that one!

  2. Reading the comments on that site are encouraging. The world is on fire right now as countries are beginning to fight back against immigrant invasions designed to destroy their specific cultures. France, Germany, Italy, Greece, the Domincan Republic, England, Sweden, Canada, all being overrun and portions of their citizenry are beginning to resist.

    In South America too they are beginning to see what’s happening. As much as the statists/tyrants needed technology as a tool to control the globe, it has inhibited them at the same time as the flow of information and access to alternative news and information has woken up so many people. The globalist are getting resistance they have no response to. Other than labels and name calling which the effectiveness of is wearing off due to its overuse. People are just fed up everywhere.

    I keeps saying Da Tromp is brilliant beyond what even his supporters give him due. He is at least 15-20 years ahead of the thinking of 99.5% of the American politicians and academics. We are always years behind Europe in terms of this stuff yet he is actually going to leap ahead of them in dealing with it. No matter who wins at this point that issue will not go away. In a very short amount of time he has changed the paradigm and forced it as an issue that will be fixed in some way.

    For us it’s Mexicans and Islime, in Europe it is the invasion of islime and Africans. Don’t give up hope yet. Many are preparing to fight their own governments as well as the invaders. It’s happening as we speak.

  3. Ahh … there’s the rub: “Many are preparing to fight their own governments …” They’re “preparing” while their gov’ts have been actively fighting them for 70 years.

    Our bureaucracy has been tyrannizing us since, at least, the Wilson years – and only about 5% of us realize it.

  4. Racists!!!Islamophobes! Don’t they know resisting the Islamic hordes is supporting rape culture? Or something? They should freely give their bodies to help Mohamhead !

  5. It’s coming here. Just recived a copy of a vidoe taken by my wife’s friend today of a group of men praying on the ground in a Dunkin Donut’s parking lot. On Sunday’s my wife and i play Count-the-burqas at the Coastland Mall in Naples, FL. Just a matter of time before cells are green lighted.

  6. Blondes in Sweden dye their hair because the Muslim savages love to rape them. Some non Muslim women wear headscarves so the savages won’t rape them.

  7. Trump’s firmly on the record against messcans and S. Americans, but I’ve never heard him say anything against Islam. If so, where?

  8. We played the same game at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg (VA), last week. Never saw so many. The swarthy-looking men let the women walk around in a gaggle while they looked over the passing crowds of people. Lots of Nation of Islam eejits there as well.

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