Sweden: Islamic State jihadists recruiting in “basement mosques”

Jihad Watch: A report states that Islamic State jihadists “who have returned to Sweden in recent years have set up ‘basement mosques’ where they have been recruiting new members.”

It is no surprise that reports of this kind would be coming from ultra-welcoming Sweden with the downfall of the Islamic State, as thousands of Islamic State jihadists return “home,” and given the group’s repeated call to carry out  its jihad missions throughout the West. The complacency and willful ignorance of the Swedes is as clear in this story as it is in the one Jihad Watch reported about recently, in which a Muslim woman in hijab with ties to jihadist mosque was chosen to be featured on a municipality’s big welcome sign.

The jihad indoctrination, and the jihad threat in general, “has been growing in Sweden in recent years with Peder Hyllengren of the Swedish Defence University claiming the country has become a hub of international Islamic extremism.”  more here


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  1. The complacency and willful ignorance of the Swedes is as clear in this story

    It is not complacency. It is not ignorance. Any more than the results of communism come from complacency or ignorance.

    Sweden is the mathematical result of feminism.

  2. I’m still waiting for the reason western countries haven’t declared all out war against Islam.
    We all know what they stand for, we all know their intended goal, and we all know their modus operandi.
    We are the only likely ones to pick up where the Crusaders left off.

  3. Anony dude,
    I read somewhere the Presbaterian
    church is the state church of Sweden.
    The head of the church is 2 married lezbo
    priests… imagine that! WOW just WOW !

  4. 20 years from now, how do we explain and justify our lack of action in the face of an obvious threat. Our kids and grandkids will be correct in their outrage. I’m getting a little pissed off with all this.

  5. joe6pak

    In twenty years we’ll both dead or living in a wheel chair. That’s why they’re slow walking this shit. Teach every little kid you know how to shoot. If I’m alive, I’ll be pitching my creamed corn at them just as hard as I can.

  6. No matter how long I have I can’t stand the thought that my grandkids would question whether or not we did all we could against all obvious threats. Right now the obvious answer is no.

  7. Basement mosques…. not surprising since their so-called 12th imam is supposed to crawl out of a well from beneath the Earth…

  8. Europe was being overrun by Muslims once and it resulted in the Crusades to drive them back to their own countries,

    Now they’re being overrun by Muslims again and catering to them.

    Wonder what the end result of it is going to be this time?


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