Sweden: Man charged with assault for eating bacon too close to Muslim women

JihadWatch: Sweden has succumbed to dhimmitude. Muslim migrants raping infidel women is becoming the norm, while eating bacon too close to Muslims can land you in court. It was bad enough that Sweden is the rape capital of the West and that Islamic enclaves and no-go zones terrify police so much that 80 percent of them are considering quitting their jobs. But now, a Swedish man is facing prosecution for eating bacon too close to Muslim women. Although he allegedly was behaving provocatively by following the women with the bacon, his deeds do not justify him being rounded up like a criminal and prosecuted when crimes are being committed by Muslims all over Sweden with impunity. Those crimes will become more common, because the West has been slowly surrendering over time to Sharia.

Reaction to the incident on social media has been a mix of laughter and disbelief amongst English language users.

Yet there is no indication that Swedish authorities are backing down.


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  2. Fly crop dusters loaded with liquefied pig fat over the “NO GO ZONES” and let them spray their payload.

    Maybe the parasites will go back home.

  3. If the Swedish people had any balls at all, they’d storm the government offices and drag those rat bastards out into the streets and hang them. Then, it would be time to deal with the bacon haters. What in the hell do they have to lose at this point?

  4. The lands denied to the Mohammedans during the Muslim conquests are now being slowly conquered through immigration and accelerated breeding, the same way Mexico is reclaiming the territory it lost to the U.S. in the Mexican-American War.

  5. “Yet there is no indication that Swedish authorities are backing down.”

    It’s good that the Swedish womyn stand tall. It’s more ecofriendly to conserve rope.

  6. I call Bullshit.
    What were those women doing outside without a male family member to defend their honor?
    And don’t tell me there weren’t any other Muslim men to defend their honor.
    Or were they backing away from that terrible bacon all horrified, like a vampire from a cross.

  7. Okay so the western culture must now accept an immigrant (translation Muslim) having multiple wives that are all on welfare, wives that are 10 years old or not understanding they shouldn’t rape women that aren’t wearing head scarfs and now they have to give up anything offensive in their diets. Where does it ever end?! They also insist food banks here in MI and MN carry Halal food. Much cheaper to buy them all a one way ticket back to Raqqa.

  8. Western Civilization – A nice concept and practice while it lasted.

    Too bad people don’t want it bad enough to defend it.

    R.I.P. Europe. You were fun. See ya!

    As for me, you’ll find me on a pile of brass and dead moslems some day.

    Lord, let me live long enough, OK? I know how to fight and I can teach others. But they have to want to.

  9. @MJA March 29, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    > Valid point, Lazlo. Where were their handlers?

    Somebody had to hold the cameras.

  10. Put up a wind sock to be able to tell when conditions are just right for putting bacon on the BBQ. Important to know when wind drifts towards musloids. Butt ugly wife scowls. Oh, wait. Maybe that was the rear end of a pit bull with a shaved ass?

  11. Sweden we know your’e not a Utopia anymore…that only worked because you were like 95% White , and mostly Blue eyed Blondes. You all a similar vision of life as well.
    Sweden it’s OK tell the Freaks of Satan to go the F home.

  12. Who’d ever thunk bacon to be a more potent weapon than lead to screw with their heads, at least. Sure seems to be the case.
    Maybe we should take a tip from Ann B. and bookmark the pages of their beloved book of hatred before distributing a few million copies to their eager loyalists.
    Evidently, the stuff works like kryptonite!

  13. First thing I did was check to make sure this wasn’t “The Onion” or “The World News Bureau”. Fact is now funnier than fiction.

  14. Swedish Immigration Officer: “Next!”
    Filthy Mohammedan Savage “Refugee”: “oh jess, here I am sir. Please to ask me your questions, infidel pig.”
    SIO: “I see on your immigration form where it asks you to list any crimes you’ve committed back in your Third World Shithole country from whence you came, you put down ‘rape, murder, arson and rape’. Why did you write ‘rape’ twice?”
    FMSR: “please to tell you kind sir, I like rape.”
    SIO: “He’ll do! Next!”

    h/t Blazing Saddles


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