Sweden: Migrant rapes cancer-surviving mother while her child is sleeping in the other room

Pamela Geller:  

This is what the Democrats want for your family members.

According to the migrant, the cancer victim insulted him. He knocked on her door, a complete stranger, and wanted her to be registered as the buyer of his pizzeria so that he could get an alcohol license for it. But the woman was not interested in committing fraud, and according to the migrant, she “closed the door before him.” When he came back, he said that he had never been “so insulted in his entire life,” and that he “is not like a Swedish man, who would accept that.” He said he is a “real man” and then raped her.

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  1. This is the moeslem reformation the left says they need. Remember the Christian reformation was a return to biblical purity and a rejection of all the added legalism over the centuries.

    This is pure mohamadism

  2. The citizens of Sweden will have to overthrow their government in order to force their yellow-bellied, traitorous representatives to face the reality of this savagery.

  3. I’m so Sick of Frickin Mustards that I Just want to Put them on Leashes, and Chain them to Trees where they can Shit themselves and live in it !
    If you see a Rabid Dog Shoot it Down !!!

  4. The Swedish Brain is so removed from a Swarthy Smelly Race of Violent Black haired people, that they may just be Catching on.
    They are Men, they are Manly by being Strong Athletic men who Provide for their Families and live fairly traditionally !!!
    This is Genocide !

  5. I’m confused. I don’t understand why he’s not being deported.

    I also don’t understand why this young woman, sick, and home alone with a young sleeping child, would have opened the door a second time to this creep — a complete stranger who already had shown himself to be irrational. Peep hole? Chain lock? Cell phone?

  6. They need to cut this muzzies pecker off with a dull axe and turn him into a eunuch. Go full Viking on him and take his manhood away. And then deport his peckerless ass back to whatever 3rd world shithole he came from.

  7. It started in Sweden with the de-masculinization of men. Remember that? They were such an “equal” society – women began taking over government positions. They’re trying to do that here with all the soy boys. Get rid of the real men first, then allow the muzzies in.

    As a woman, it is appalling.

  8. Trying to wrap my head around which Swede would buy a pizza from a muslim who wipes himself with his hands and then kneads the dough. Liquor doesn’t help here.

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