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Sweden: Object explodes in victim’s hand near subway station

FOX: Explosion outside Stockholm subway kills man, injures woman.

A man died on Sunday after he picked up an object outside a Stockholm subway station that exploded in his hand, killing him and leaving a woman injured, police said.

Swedish police search the area outside Varby Gard metro station, in Stockholm, near to where a man died and another woman was injured in an explosion. (TT via AP)s

Police believe the blast wasn’t terror-related and launched a murder investigation, Reuters reported.

The man found the explosive device about 11 a.m. local time outside the Varby Gard subway station in Huddinge, a residential district that’s part of greater Stockholm, police spokesman Sven-Erik Olsson said. A woman who was standing next to the man received minor injuries to her face and both legs.

Authorities declined to comment on the explosive object, but local newspaper Aftonbladet said the device was believed to be a hand grenade, Reuters reported.

“There is obviously something that has exploded strongly …But we will have to wait for the technical investigation,” the Swedish police spokesman said.

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  1. Gee why would it be terrorism? Every subway station in Sweden have grenades laying around. It’s just natural.

  2. It was most likely lying there since WW11 and became unearthed. Yeah, sure.

  3. “Police believe the blast wasn’t terror-related”. They also believe in elves and furies and all of the rapes and groping are the result of over affectionate lonely young men.

  4. If you didn’t jump with the explosions, let’s not jump to conclusions…

  5. So bring in hoards of muslims that have snuck in automatic weapons and grenades, and now a grenade goes off (like they always do in big cities) and the usual excuse-making and down-playing ensues. . .

    The people making excuses are the ENEMIES of the people and are complicit.

  6. Police theorize that the blast occurred when local man and lutefisk aficionado Sven Thorgenson turned to another rider and said “pull my finger”.

  7. Darwin award?

    I’ve heard the Palestinians used to scatter toys packed with explosives.

  8. moslem Ted Kaczynski ?

    Expect a lengthy Tome in gibberish….

  9. Wow, this never would have happened in Sweden 10 years ago. I wonder what’s changed?

  10. Hey Sweden.
    1: Grow a set.
    2: Get rid of your police commissioners.
    3: Get rid of dark haired, bearded immigrants.
    Rinse and repeat until infection is gone.

  11. Sources close to the investigation said the bomb was disguised as a harmless suitcase clock.

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