Sweden: Paramedics Banned From ‘No Go Zones’, Need Military Equipment


The leader of a Swedish Ambulance Driver’s Union has spoken out on the abuse his members experience while attending to emergency call-outs in so-called “No Go Zones” in migrant-populated areas, and has called for his members to have access to “military” defensive equipment to enable them to do their jobs.

Union boss Gordon Grattidge spoke to well respected Swedish journalist Paulina Neuding in an interview for think tank Det Goda Samhället (The Good Society) and discussed ambulances being forced to retreat from no gone zones on a regular basis after coming under attack from “large groups of violent people”.

Saying his members needed police protection, as well as body armour and helmets, Mr. Grattidge described how ambulances frequently came under attack while on the job, remarking: “It’s when we enter hazardous areas and there’s a risk of putting our paramedics in danger.”  more here

17 Comments on Sweden: Paramedics Banned From ‘No Go Zones’, Need Military Equipment

  1. File that under “did you hear what happened last night in Sweden?”

    The liberal world is being to be crushed under the weight of liberal policymakers and liberals delude themselves that only problem is Trump.

  2. Abrams tanks would probably have the same problem too Carpeye D’um. Wink wink nudge nudge.

  3. makes you wonder about a political class that allows “no-go zones” and attacks like this on it’s citizens.

    who are they really working for ?

  4. it really makes you wonder about these politicians who subject their constituents to these “no-go zones” and attacks from foreign nationals, just who are they really working for ?

  5. A phalanx of Apache warships should go on a ‘cleanup’ mission of those non-existant mooozlum hot spots. Nothing to see here, move along people.

  6. There are a 4 step and a 3 step solution:
    Plan A:
    1) don’t go there
    2) clean the place out, send them back to where ever they came from
    3) level the area
    4) rebuild new clean structures

    Plan B (if they refuse to leave peacefully)
    1) don’t go there
    2) level the area
    3) rebuild new clean structures

  7. The left, and its lapdog media, would rather go down in flames than admit President Trump is correct.
    It is up to people everywhere to wake the f-c@ up and call them out. Their life and safety are at stake.

  8. No Go means No Go
    Problem solved.
    Let it deteriorate, when some infrastructure breaks down like the power, leave it down.
    When the sewers back up, prevent the damage from crossing over into other areas.
    When the water mains break, shut them off.
    Let them live in their own filth.

  9. I suspect at some point there will be a full scale battle fought in these Muslim “No-Go” zones with urban fighting of the type seen in some Iraqi cities when the militants in those communities decides that time is right. I wonder what the ostrich like Swedish government will do then? Will they continue to deny any real problem with their policies exist and the street fighting taking place is just a small civil action? Will the population of Sweden finally stand up an say enough? The next elections should be interesting.

  10. No need to send any emergency services to those areas. Allah willing, those people will be instantly healed. If not, it was not the will of Allah so no big deal.


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