Swedish Banks Switching to Chat Bots to Handle Customers

The Swedish banking sector has undergone a great deal of consolidation in recent years forcing the closing of many branch offices. To pick up customer service tasks that used to be done by warm blooded humans, the banks are implementing chat bots with access to banking records and artificial intelligence. The AI based systems are being tasked with handling common request from clients, leaving more complicated transactions to the few remaining employees.


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Just wait until the hackers figure out how to hijack these things.

7 Comments on Swedish Banks Switching to Chat Bots to Handle Customers

  1. And they’re outsourcing their AI to Macedonia.
    Run by some Pakistani brothers.
    What could go wrong?

  2. Bank robbers will be hardest hit. How will you be able to rob a chat bot? On the other hand it should be a hackers paradise. And if the robber says he has a gub the chat bot won’t know what to do. Maybe they’ll make the chat bots like Daleks and if you mess with it, it will yell EXTERMINATE and kill you with a death ray. I hate artificial intelligence anything. SIRI sucks so does Amazon’s Alexa. And now the little round squatty vacuum (Roombas I think they call them) cleaners that scoot around on the floor like a bunch of scurrying mice are finking on your every move and telling the gubmint all your secrets. It reminds me of parts of Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles.

  3. Not surprised. A great number of states are currently and soon-to-be using AI to score their student’s essays on the standardized tests. I bet many of you parents out there don’t know that. They don’t want to tell you.

  4. AI chatbots would be a YUGE improvement over the sullen, resentful incompetence of my last few human call center experiences.

    AI offers numerous advantages in efficiency and undistracted focus over the average general practitioner MD’s approach to taking a patient history and diagnostic trees.
    My MD is great, but her iPad already has the entire spectrum of Q’s, possible A’s and outcomes.
    From the insurance POV it would be infinitely cheaper, probably even less prone to human error, if the diagnostics program just interacted with me directly.
    It’s coming, as soon as Big Tech lobbyists can secure Malpractice Immunity.

    AI for taxes? No brainer. Goodbye, CPAs.

    Airline pilots? Regulations require their presence only to watch movies on iPads while AI flies the aircraft. If both died inflight, AI will land the plane perfectly, taxi to the correct gate, cut engines and play the arrivals PA.

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