Swedish Ex PM Tells Bernie Socialism Sucks


Swedish Ex-Prime Minister Rebukes Bernie: Socialism Only Destroys

03/04/2019Alice Salles

Socialism never stopped enticing young American minds. But the more Democratic Socialists such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez open their mouths, we learn the movement’s most vocal proponents simply ignore socialism’s incompatibility with democracy, as demonstrated by Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises in A Critique of Interventionism . Sen. Bernie Sanders is one of them.

With the Vermont senator announcing he’s running for president, his past comments defending socialism and socialist countries notorious for their failures become the type of material critics are eager to dissect. Especially because he still calls himself a Democratic Socialist while using Nordic countries as examples of what he defends.

Thankfully, political figures from the very countries the good senator from Vermont calls “socialist” are here to remind him that the ideology is nothing but a trap. read more

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7 Comments on Swedish Ex PM Tells Bernie Socialism Sucks

  1. Sweden is a collapsing nation and culture.

    Unless the people -the actual Swedish people- rise up and take it back from those who currently run it.

    Which isn’t likely.

  2. Keep flapping your gums, Bernie, the more you talk the more people realize your living in a self created world called Nutsville.

  3. Take it all the way to the Convention, Bernie! You’ll show ’em who’s the best Socialist America’s ever had! And then drop dead.

  4. “Socialism” is just the come-on sweetener for one of the planet’s biggest Bait & Switch scams! After all the bounty from the productivity of a free enterprise system is picked clean and stripped bare, what’s left is the absolute, stark, naked, raw brutality of Communism and a collective society of Leftoid moonbats sitting around a 50 gallon drum-fire roasting rats, eating sustainable algae cakes and picking parasites off each other!

  5. Jerry Manderin

    I Cal for the last 20 years we’ve said, “Kamala Harris also fucks.”. But the word the last 10 is she does both!

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