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Sweet Caroline! What the hell was she thinking?

Patriot Retort: Last night in Manhattan, the rich and allegedly famous turned out for the famed Met Gala that up until ten minutes ago, I’d never heard of. And from the looks of it, fashion designers have decided that rich people are so completely stupid, they can sell them a dress no matter how hideous it is.

As for example Caroline Kennedy.


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  1. Reminds me of the wicked witches guards garb in Wizard of Oz.

    Geeze. Wicked witches guards garb. Say that fast three times!

  2. ….the shit that I would never eat because the price is ridiculous and the thought of eating it is nauseous.

  3. She’s just following the Michelle Obama style. But that costume looks like you can see the furniture legs sticking out.

  4. The thing is, that isn’t even the most ludicrous of outfits. Those self-absorbed “celebrities” are the worst examples of humanity that we have to offer.

  5. Scarlett O’Hara’s drapery dress looked so much better than that thing. And there is no telling how much Caroline’s cost! EEK.

  6. Relax! It’s just a variation on the theme of a “bad taste party”. When some city folks get really bored, they throw a bad taste party.

  7. Looks like something the Mooch would wear. Caroline needs to quit competing with the Mooch.

  8. @Claudia – Here’s something to ponder: Did you ever wonder, if the Wicked Witch of the West was so all-seeing and powerful, why the heck did she need guards?

    Not to mention the fact that when it really came time to protect her, they were absolutely worthless at it.

    Typical Civil Service sinecure positions.

  9. With that hairdo she looks like an 80s school teacher wrapped in tacky couch upholstery. What a nerd.

  10. Are those… pipe cleaner arms on her dress? To mimic her real ones?
    Hollywood had officially gone batsh-t crazyville. Even their clothes are ugly now.
    [too bad, I used to look forward to all of the lovely gowns.]

  11. This is one incredibly stupid woman. A complete froot loop. She was our ambassador to Japan. What a friggin embarassment.

  12. That’s what you get when you let a woman-hating gay designer make fashion choices for you, and your an attention whore!

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