Sweet Dreams America.

Vote Trump to avoid this Nightmare.

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  1. You think he’s Demonic, wait until you get a load of the Hose Monster, Slinky Tits, and that old Bag of Skin running things.

  2. Just spotted on Instagram,

    “Just got thrown out of Walmart, Apparently Butt Naked with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth is not an acceptable Hunter Biden costume.”

  3. Happy Blue Moon Halloween 🎃💀 everybody. No worries, this freak show known as Biden/Harris ain’t getting anywhere near the White House. 😁

  4. There was a huge gathering of God’s people on the National Mall today/tonight. A gathering of the saints in the full armor of God, taking an oath to Him to take America back from the sinful nature of our culture. Pretty powerful stuff. A new reformation day coinciding with the the reformation of Martin Luther.

  5. The original clip is from the movie, “Batman: The Dark Night Rises” 2012. The character is the villian,”Bane”. https://youtu.be/fpw0ajm3_5k .
    Great comparison to the Deep State, “season of darkness” Biden will represent if he wins and “Chaos” Kamala becomes defacto president.


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