Taco Bell Employee Taints Sheriff’s Burrito With Bleach


A Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy who ordered four burritos at a Lehigh Acres Taco Bell said the food contained bleach.

Deputy Brown ordered lunch on Sept. 23 from the Taco Bell at 2714 Lee Boulevard, Fox 4 News reported. As the deputy was eating his lunch, in route to a call, he noticed that the burritos didn’t taste quite right. This was when Brown discovered that the burritos and the bag they were in reeked of bleach.

There has been an increase in contaminated food being served at fast food restaurants across the U.S., especially involving police officers, according to Blue Lives Matter.

Retired Metro Transit Police Captain William Malone said, “If you can’t see your food being prepared, don’t purchase food while you’re on duty and in uniform. Or bring your food from home.”

“You have no idea how the guy behind that drive-thru speaker feels about law enforcement officers. But you do not want to be the recipient of something that they make up especially for the police,” Malone added.


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  1. There used to be a time when a little street justice went a loooong way. Sure there were some mistakes and abuses, but the overall impact was far more beneficial to the community. Now we’re just hamstrung by a myriad of laws and regulations and the criminals take full advantage of it.

  2. A public caning is in order.
    You know the kind they give out
    in Singapore. They got a trained sadistic
    ninji dude hopped up on pain pills with a
    wet bamboo cane stick.They say the first lick
    drops most men to their knees.Every lick
    splits the meat…

  3. This is Obama’s hate-the-police/champion-the-thug legacy in action.
    In my world these savages would hang for attempted murder of police officers. And, I’d televise it.


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