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Gutfeld Demotes “The Boss”

April 21, 2017 Dr. Tar 47

Bruce Springsteen released an all too predictable anti-Trump song yesterday, “That’s What Makes Us Great.” Greg Gutfeld gave it a listen and then pointed out why Springsteen hasn’t been relevant [Read More]

We Need a McExplanation

March 16, 2017 BFH 28

McHack attack: McDonald’s blames compromised Twitter account after firing off insulting tweet at Donald Trump calling him a ‘disgusting excuse of a president’ with ‘tiny hands’ The McDonald’s Twitter account [Read More]

Another anti-Trump liar exposed

November 24, 2016 MJA 5

NBC Chicago: Hateful ‘Trump’ Notes Allegedly Aimed at Student Were Fabricated, University Says. Hateful notes and emails allegedly sent to a North Park University student were “fabricated,” the school’s president [Read More]