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Zucker’s Lover Out at CNN

February 17, 2022 Dr. Tar 20

fox 8 live Allison Gollust, the CNN executive whose relationship with Jeff Zucker led to his resignation as the cable network’s president, is leaving after an internal inquiry found violations [Read More]

This Is CNN

January 7, 2021 Dr. Tar 14

Newsbusters Wednesday was a dark day with the storming of the Capitol by insurrectionists, but CNN apparently wanted to make it worse. In a sadistic back and forth during the [Read More]

CNN Call Cops On O’Keefe

December 2, 2020 Dr. Tar 13

Breitbart Far-left CNN called the police on James O’Keefe after the Project Veritas founder revealed he had spent the last two months monitoring and recording the corrupt cable channel’s daily [Read More]

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