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Michael P Kortan Quits FBI

February 9, 2018 MJA 16

Conservative Treehouse: Another longtime FBI official quits today. According to Fox News Catherine Herridge reporting, FBI Asst. Director Michael Kortan (aka text message “Mike”), the head of the FBI Public [Read More]

Comey’s Keystone Kops

January 22, 2018 MJA 18

Patrtiot Retort: I couldn’t believe it when I saw the news last night that the FBI “lost” all the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page from December 14, [Read More]

The Biggest Scandal In American History

January 9, 2018 BFH 34

Conservative Treehouse: Report: Congress Looking Toward Leakers in Ongoing Dossier “Small Team” Investigation The walls continue closing in.  The STORY IS GETTING OUT. The Bigger media voices will eventually catch [Read More]

The FBI Takes a Mulligan

January 8, 2018 MJA 17

American Spectator; Last week the FBI announced that it was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private unsecured email system while she was secretary of state and [Read More]

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