Levin blasts McConnell and Paul

October 1, 2015 MJA 2

TRS: Mark Levin blasted McConnell tonight article came out in Politico that explained how McConnell has worked against and ‘quarantined’ Ted Cruz from the rest of the Senate, stifling him [Read More]


September 17, 2015 Cardigan 22

Five impressions from Fiorina’s debut at CNN’s food fight. AmericanSpectator- Our readers probably watched the CNN debate Wednesday night and therefore do not need this writer to tell them what [Read More]

Ted Cruz Versus Bernie Sanders

August 18, 2015 Cardigan 16

FreedomOutpost- […] In most elections, we’ve seen the Republican and Democrat candidates actually agreeing on at least a few issues. That wouldn’t happen with these two. I think it’s safe to [Read More]

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