DNC Barely Solvent

February 3, 2018 Dr. Tar 20

As the nation enters the Mid-terms this year, the Democrats will be running at a financial disadvantage as the latest FEC filings show the DNC is about $200,000 from being broke. This will severely handicap their effort to take back Congress on their “blue wave.”  More

DNC Language Isn’t Very Pretty Either

January 18, 2018 MJA 12

Pickering Post: The “F” and “C” bombs are a regular and accepted part of the Democratic vernacular. Here’s just one of Hillary Clinton’s regular outbursts, recorded when speaking to one of her entourage: “Stay the f@ck back, stay the f#ck back away from me! Don’t [Read More]

Tom Perez Making Things Even Worse At The DNC

November 4, 2017 Dr. Tar 15

It was a rough week at the DNC even before Donna Brazile’s revelations of how the democrat party organization sold itself to the Hillary Clinton campaign. First, they fired their chief fund raiser after only 5 months and a consistent record of raising only half [Read More]

DNC Tries Recycling Weinstein Money Rather Than Return It

October 7, 2017 Dr. Tar 20

With the bombshell NYT article this week on the piggish behavior towards women about Hollywood big shot Harvey Weinstein, a number of high profile democrats have scrambled to distance themselves from the producer by returning campaign contributions. According to the Washington Post, the DNC has received the [Read More]

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