Twitter Trolled with Oranges

January 9, 2022 Dr. Tar 8

PM Twitter users flooded the Big Tech platform with orange emojis Saturday on the one-year anniversary of former President Donald Trump’s permanent exile… …Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec led the Twitter [Read More]

TRUTH Social

October 21, 2021 Dr. Tar 9

Washington Examiner Former President Donald Trump is creating a media company and social media network meant to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.” The 45th president, who has been kicked [Read More]

In Defense Of Jimmy Carter…

May 13, 2021 Dr. Tar 9

Red State President Donald Trump is weighing in and telling us that this comparison isn’t quite right and it isn’t quite fair in a rather brilliant assessment. “I see that everybody is [Read More]


November 14, 2020 Dr. Tar 12

We posted a reading of Rudyard Kipling’s “IF” shortly after the election. I’m re-posting it again with even more stirring images as we move through these trying times. Watch

The Punisher

December 20, 2018 Dr. Tar 10

OK, for those who don’t like onscreen violence, don’t click on the link. For those in the mood to watch icons of the left get brutally handled, you’re welcome. Watch

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