The Punisher

December 20, 2018 Dr. Tar 10

OK, for those who don’t like onscreen violence, don’t click on the link. For those in the mood to watch icons of the left get brutally handled, you’re welcome. Watch

Love the Flow

January 20, 2018 Dr. Tar 3

It was a year ago today that Donald Trump was sworn into office. Time to mark the occasion with a musical salute.   Watch

The Genius of the Fake News Awards

January 18, 2018 MJA 7

Patriot Retort: Yesterday evening, President Trump and the RNC unveiled the winners of the Fake News Awards. Naturally the news media is clutching their pearls and equating this irreverent bit [Read More]

The Master Persuader

November 19, 2017 Dr. Tar 4

It wasn’t Comey or the Russians or “the basket of deplorables” that has sent Hillary Clinton on a book tour,  pitching her book on losing rather than visiting the capitals of Asia [Read More]

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