Don’t forget to steal his wallet

January 11, 2017 MJA 4

AmericanThinker:  So you’re walking down the street with an attitude and you pass somebody you wanna beat up. Maybe he said something that got under your skin. Or maybe he looked at you in a way that screamed disrespect. Or maybe he just had a [Read More]

Self-loathing hate crimes

December 13, 2016 MJA 5

Patriot Retort: Golly, it must really suck when the only hate crimes you can drum up are the ones you commit on yourself. Talk about self-loathing. Remember last Christmas when a Houston mosque was set on fire? Burning a mosque on Christmas?! Well, that just [Read More]

Hate crime charges pursued in beating of white man

July 9, 2015 Cardigan 12

USA Today: CINCINNATI — Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell has reconsidered and is asking Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters to pursue hate crime charges in the Government Square attack that left a white man beaten and bloody on the Fourth of July.