The Kidnappings Americans Won’t Do

January 16, 2018 MJA 6

 FrontPage: 42.4% of kidnapping convictions are of non-citizens. We all know that there are jobs that Americans won’t do. That’s what the politicians who don’t want Americans doing them tell [Read More]

Welcome to Concord

May 2, 2017 MJA 13

Boston Herald: The bucolic and too, too precious town of Concord has taken a stand. By vote of its Town Meeting, Concord will henceforth be a “welcoming community” for illegal [Read More]

They come here out of LOVE!

March 13, 2017 MJA 8

The love of selling Meth. Breitbart Texas: A joint law enforcement task force arrested a previously deported criminal alien and his brother for allegedly transporting nearly 200 pounds of methamphetamine. U.S. [Read More]

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