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Iran: The World’s Greatest Narco State

January 25, 2018 MJA 5

Geller Report: In 2001, US officials lauded the Taliban for their ban on poppy cultivation and eradicating production. In 2012, Hezbollah’s indignant Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah declared drug trafficking a [Read More]

The Ladies vs. the Mullahs

January 15, 2018 MJA 7

American Thinker- No one knows her name, but a young Iranian woman waving a white scarf has become a symbol of almost forty years of struggle by Iranian women, protesting the gender [Read More]

Into The Lion’s Den

January 5, 2018 Dr. Tar 9

Just as Daniel from the Old Testament was placed into the lion’s den by his enemies, Iranians today are traveling outside of the repressive Islamic state to be baptized only [Read More]

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