Obama’s “Refugee Express”

October 4, 2015 MJA 22

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Across the country, from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, from Boston to San Diego, from Seattle to Miami — and dozens of points in between — cities [Read More]

Muslim Violence Against Dogs

September 12, 2015 Cardigan 28

Liberals are OK with Muslim Violence Against Christians, Women and Gays – but what about Dogs? EagleRising—People in America hate when they see dogs being mistreated. HATE. In fact, in [Read More]

Catching up with world failures

August 2, 2015 Cardigan 5

Vlad Tepes- More riotous muslims, socialism’s failure begins to kill Venezuelans, US pretend war on IS continuing to do nothing: 1. Venezuela supermarket looting leaves one dead, dozens detained CARACAS (Reuters) [Read More]

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