Dem Impeachment Push Flounders

October 16, 2019 Dr. Tar 24

Last evening, House Intelligence Chairman, Adam Schiff announced that there may not be a full vote for impeachment. This was confirmed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who stated that the formal vote [Read More]

Where Do They Go From Here?

July 26, 2019 Dr. Tar 16

As congress begins summer recess, members of the house can hope they’re allowed some quiet time to contemplation of further pursuing impeachment. The always politically astute Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows it’s a loser but the [Read More]

Libs Love Pelosi’s “Clap Back”

February 6, 2019 Dr. Tar 19

The left in this country is applauding the childish antics of Speaker Nancy Pelosi last night during the State of the Union Address. Her aggressive clapping posture directed towards the Commander-In-Chief  was just one of many [Read More]

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