Cory Booker: Bangin’ it out to the cheap seats

January 17, 2018 MJA 24

Patriot Retort: I kinda feel sorry for Cory Booker. Now, don’t get me wrong. His behavior in the DHS Senate hearing yesterday was probably the most cringeworthy performance ever seen outside of a Mexican telenovela audition. Compared to Cory Booker, William Shatner’s performance in “The [Read More]

NJCommission Recommends Two Forms of ID for Ammo Purchases

November 17, 2016 MJA 23

Breitbart—The New Jersey State Commission of Investigation (SCI) recommended lawmakers revamp rules on ammunition purchases to require two forms of identification before a person is allowed to buy a box of bullets. According to, SCI also recommended lawmakers “adopt an electronic tracking system similar [Read More]

Who needs help in your district?

October 29, 2016 MJA 21

Tell us about your representative ! This guy isn’t in my district, but I heard him on the radio a few days ago and he seems alright. He’s taking a lot of heat from Hillary’s ‘friends’ this election. Garrett  for Congress (R) : 5th District of New [Read More]

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