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Obamamen throw twitter tantrums

Patriot Retort:   Vindictive little creeps, aren’t they? You know there’s something wrong with our so-called “self-government” when “public servants” are vindictive as all get-out. But that pretty much sums [Read More]

Obama’s Genie

CANADA FREE PRESS: Imagine a guy in his mid-thirties walking on a beach in Hawaii and seeing an object that actually looked like the genie lamp he read about in [Read More]

Unraveling an 8-Year Error

CFP: I am expecting an incredible landslide victory for Trump in 2020 … if idiots like Soros Soros don’t do something really unimaginable in the meantime. I was skeptical of [Read More]

The Lying Dick Durbin

Remember when he said our troops were like Nazis?     The Lid: The nation recently discovered Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin after he made the so far unsupported claim that [Read More]

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