Baby Eyes and Gonads

September 16, 2015 Cardigan 8

Planned Parenthood Nailed For Selling Baby Parts Again. “We’ve just been working with people who want particular tissues, like, you know, they want cardiac, or they want eyes, or they [Read More]

#Unborn Lives Matter

August 14, 2015 Dr. Tar 2

August 22 is designated a “National Day of Protest” for pro-life opponents to Planned Parenthood.     Rallies are to be held in 180 cities across 43 states.  

A Piece of the Action

August 12, 2015 Dr. Tar 4

The Center for Medical Progress has released their latest video featuring former Planned Parenthood employee, Holly O’Donnell who describes the procurement process of aborted baby body parts. As a “procurement [Read More]

The Planned Parenthood Scam

August 10, 2015 Dr. Tar 10

A former insider, Abby Johnson, who worked for the nation’s #1 abortion provider, discusses how Planned Parenthood conned women into “donating” their aborted babies and how the abortionist fudges the [Read More]

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