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“The Fall of Wisconsin”

October 14, 2018 Dr. Tar 5

This weekend is the Madison book festival and BookTV is there covering all the action. One regionally specific publication is titled, “The Fall of Wisconsin.” It isn’t about the autumn colors (which were [Read More]

Wisconsin Snow Job

April 5, 2018 Dr. Tar 5

There’s an awful lot of chatter going on about the supposed “Blue Wave” poised to wash over the Badger state and take out Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature.  The dire [Read More]

Twilight of the Governors

September 21, 2015 MJA 17

Mark Steyn- Last Wednesday with Sean Hannity, and with Brian Kilmeade, Dana Loesch and Stuart Varney in the ensuing 24 hours, I said that Scott Walker had bombed bigtime in [Read More]

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