VIDEO: Pelosi repeats and slurs words

January 12, 2018 MJA 30

American Mirror-  Pelosi repeats words, overrules own statement, slurs ‘prescription drugs’. Nancy Pelosi has just returned to Washington, and she brought her bizarre behavior back with her. As the House Minority Leader returned to her weekly press conference, she was seen repeating words, having trouble [Read More]

What’s a “whoweare”?

December 1, 2015 Dr. Tar 28

Barack Obama has a tendency to find a favorite phrase and then pound it to death in his public utterance. The Washington Free Beacon has him saying the same thingAll Posts 43 times till it starts to sound like he’s coined a new word. Watch [Read More]

Cruz Shreds Feinstein Over Human Rights And China

September 25, 2015 MJA 8

“We should not be troubled by embarrassing communist oppressors.” TR– Today on the Senate floor, Ted Cruz blasted Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Democrats for their fear of offending China. “It is a sad statement when the United States of America cannot stand up and say [Read More]


August 20, 2015 Cardigan 5

LOS ANGELES — Francisco Rivera is a legal immigrant who delivered an impassioned speech to the Huntington Park City Council on Monday night, joining other residents in protest against their decision to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions.  [The rest is at Breitbart]

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