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WHO Is A Threat To World Health

March 31, 2020 Dr. Tar 8

Federalist With each passing day, it becomes clear that the world’s most prominent global health institution, the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO), has been captured by communist China. This [Read More]

A New Term For Futility

September 15, 2016 Dr. Tar 7

Super Typhoon Meranti struck Taiwan yesterday and is making landfall in China today. Though only causing one death so far, we do have a new phrase for senseless struggle – [Read More]

Execution News

May 14, 2016 18

On Wednesday, Taiwan officials took Cheng Chieh out of his cell outside of Taipei “anaesthetized and then shot [him] three times by a firing squad.” Cheng killed four people and slashed others [Read More]

She’s Breaking Up

March 29, 2016 Dr. Tar 5

The T.S. Taipei suffered engine failure off the coast of Taiwan earlier this month and ran aground on the 10th. The vessel is now in the process of losing its [Read More]