Vermont school cancels Halloween

October 14, 2016 MJA 13

EAG: GLOVER, Vt. – Students were looking forward to Glover Community School’s Halloween festivities, from the costumes and pumpkin carving contest to “spider bellies, spider legs, and bones” on the [Read More]

Bernie Reverts

July 28, 2016 Dr. Tar 9

Waiting until the morning after capitulating to the Clinton/Democrat machine, Senator Bernie Sanders (I – VT) to officially renounce the party he tried to hijack. Sanders has declared that he [Read More]

Winner Gets The Newspaper

June 20, 2016 Dr. Tar 10

The Hardwick Gazette is trying a unique approach to find a new owner; awarding itself as the prize to the writer of the best 400 word essay “about the entrant’s skills and [Read More]