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  1. Imagine Adolph with his own Bob Ross style show. Und here ve haf a happy little puff of crematorium smoke.

  2. Take a break indeed.

    I’m not keeping track but I wouldn’t be surprised if this cornhole virus isn’t getting more coverage than ‘impeachment’.

  3. I just had two clients cancel their jobs today because of their fear or because our idiot governor tightened restrictions on “essential” services. Ugh. I was so looking forward to Monday and getting out of this house!

  4. I gotta tell ya, I did NOT enjoy the painting even before I found out it was Adolf’s. It’s a lousy painting. The little bit of detail is poorly executed, and then rather than make any attempt to paint the rest of the scene he instead just washed it out in muddy browns. I’d rather have a velvet Elvis on my wall.

  5. Hitler was very talented, in a lot of areas. But he was an evil motherf–ker, wasn’t he? (No worse than Stalin or Mao – in fact, they killed a lot more of their own citizens than Hitler. The reason Stalin or Mao are not as vilified is that no newsreels exist of their genocides.)

    That said, Hitler was also responsible for the red and whilte swastika graphic made so famous on SS armbands and flags (Hitler also advised the turning of the swastika 45 degrees, so it rested on a point.)

    But no matter what Hitler became, he’d have destroyed himself. It was in his DNA.

  6. Hitler?
    Or banksters?
    Hitler? Or banksters?

    Gimme a minute. I’m (looks skyward)… thinking…

  7. Springtime for Hitler in Germany!

    He was pretty artsy lefty socialist which pretty much matches today’s artsy lefty socialists.

    It’s obvious. Nuke Harvard, Yale, Berkeley. Then reevaluate before the next assault.

  8. Uncle Al and MJA: it was people like you who drove Hitler away from art school and into politics. And people like you like Donald Trump. And Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Therefore, the United States and Donald Trump are responsible for Adolf Hitler.

    Man, I’ve been cooped up too long watching MSNBC and CNN.

  9. @Wyatt – Heh! I’d like to think that I’d be urging young Adolf, not to LEAVE art school, but rather to apply himself more assiduously at art school and maybe become a better painter.

    Me and MJA and The Donald would have been guilty merely of inflicting a poor painter on the world instead of a mass-murdering Jew-hating Aryan supremacist warmongering dictator.

    …but you never know. You could be right. I’ll apologize to the world for Hitler. Sorry, world!

  10. @AbigailAdams our business is on the essential list, but my husband does all the physical work and I’m the paper pusher, so most of my time is at home pushing papers or working on the farm(something we both share in the physical work).
    However, it’s nice every now and then to go eat lunch or go to flea markets, antique stores, shopping with the grandkids. Can’t do any of that now.
    When I do go out, I just get pissed off though even more how ignorant all of this is.
    I keep trying to tell myself others have it worse, like the poor old people at the nursing homes/care centers. I have an elderly family member stuck in one, usually go visit her once a week and take my grandkids to brighten her day. All I can do now is talk to her on the phone, she told me today she hated the place and was sick of being confined to her room 90% of the time and not getting to see her family. She told me she’s almost 90 years old, doesn’t have much time left and it feels like she’s going to be forced to die alone. That it would almost be a blessing to catch whatever flu they keep talking about just to get to die with her family around her. I didn’t have the heart to tell her, they wouldn’t allow that either, as all the hospitals have went to no visitors in the flu wing. Heck only one visitor anywhere else in the hospital.

  11. If everyone can get over the “hitler is all bad” thing, we can begin to realize that he saved Germany from the bolsheviks after WWI. He developed some REAL bad habits later, but if we weren’t in the middle of a depression we may have been able to have a forceful “talk” with him about 1933 and joined up to eliminate stalin. Less people would have died in the long run……..We never should have helped Stalin after what he did in Ukraine………never!!


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